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Content Marketing – a new thought process.

It is tempting to spend your Internet Marketing budget chasing algorithms, leaving you at the mercy of changes to Google (Panda we're looking at you) and lady luck.

What's been missing from the equation have been your clients.

Content Marketing is all about putting your clients back at the heart of your Internet Marketing.

The reality is that most people searching the Internet right now are not looking to buy anything - they are looking for information (80% of them actually). By providing the information they need to make a decision you are getting a buy-in from that 80%.

Not only that, but as you have provided useful information without asking for anything in return, you have earned their trust.

Content Marketing means just that - you are seen as a trusted advisor, and when they do decide to buy a solution - where do you think they will go?

Now you're probably worried about your Search Rankings about now - there is no need. Good content will be breed back-links. People will pass it on to other people. All this is good SEO juice.

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